There is one thing as interesting as photography as a verb and it is photography as a noun. Photography is a rich industry composed of passionate individuals that love to share their work as much as they do to revel in it. To call others to join them in seeing the world from a singular perspective; their perspective. We call this group of people photographers, of which I am one.

If you look at the technology that we use today, much of it originated during some point in the late 18th century or during the 19th century. Cameras, however, have evolved from the camera obscura, the earliest know occurrence of which was found in the writings of Mozi-in ancient China-as early as 470 BC. Mozi was the world’s first true photographer. Consider for a moment that the basic principles of photography have existed for nearly 2,500 years and yet cameras still continue to become more and more advanced each and every year.

The hope for this blog is that it may become a centralized source for photo news, reviews, interviews, and exposition. So that you may share in the presently expanding history of photography and better your knowledge and skills in the process.

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