Sony announces a6300 mirrorless camera

Sony has long been the leader of mirrorless camera production. The a6000, Sony’s flagship mirrorless, turned the public eye toward the technology.

Many, myself included, were slow to accept mirrorless cameras as being a viable alternative to DSLRs. A camera that can shoot a dozen photos in a second, focus nearly instantaneously, record full 4K UHD, cost half the price as a comparable DSLR, and fit in my pocket. What’s the catch?

Using a mirrorless camera for the first time will very quickly teach you that there is no catch, just really impressive tech. Tech so impressive that it makes you wonder, what’s next? How could it possibly get any better than this?


Today, Sony showed us their newest flagship mirrorless: the Sony a6300.

Cosmetically, the camera looks nearly identical to the a6000, but it’s the insides that make this camera unbelievably advanced.

The shining specs of the new camera all revolve around the autofocus system. The a6300 features the world’s fastest autofocus speed (as little as .05 seconds) as well as the highest number of autofocus points ever in an interchangeable lens camera (425).


All of this combines with the ability to take up to 11 frames per second without sacrificing continuous autofocus or exposure tracking.

Sony has truly built an impressive little machine. You can get your hands on it next month for about $1,000 for the camera body.

(all images courtesy of Sony)

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