7 impressive facts about photography

1. The f-number of the human eye varies from f/8.3 in broad daylight to about f/2.1 at night

Computing the aperture of the eye involves measuring the focal length and comparing it to the physical width of the pupil. While there’s nothing published (at least which I can find), I would be led to assume that your depth-of-field is narrower at night than it is during the day.

2. Today, we snap as many photos in 2 minutes as all of humanity did in the 1800s

This is saying a lot, the 1800s account for roughly the first 80 years of the camera. Though, at the time photography was incredibly specialized and incredibly expensive. Nowadays it’s open to the general public to do incredibly simply, though it’s still admittedly expensive.

3. The most expensive camera ever sold was a rare 1923 Leica that went for auction for $2.8 million in Vienna

The featured image of this post is the very same camera. The camera was 1 of 25 that Leica produced and was one of the first compact cameras that used the later-standard 35mm film format. The video of the auction is something to behold.

4. The largest seamless photo ever created measures 32′ x 111′


Most large photographs are composites of multiple smaller photographs. This is either due to the limitations of the camera, the printer, or the canvas. This photograph was a modified version of a pinhole photo taken in a converted aircraft hangar with a hole in the hangar door, effectively turning the entire hangar into the body of the camera.

5. The largest collection of cameras consists of 4,425 antique cameras

Owned by Dilish Parekh of Mumbai and contained entirely within his household. The oldest camera in his collection dates back to 1907.

6. It’s estimated that humans have taken over 3.8 trillion photos since the invention of the camera

That’s an average of 19 billion photos each year!

7. In 2012, 37% of images were taken with a cell phone

And only 16 years ago, digital photos accounted for a mere 1% of the total photographs taken that year.

Source: Digital Camera World, J. Lynn Photography

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