Fun DIY disc reflector hack

Disc reflectors are extremely useful for the run-and-gun photographer. A simple twist and you have a large reflective surface to fill shadows on your subject’s face. They aren’t perfect however. Larger reflectors need a second person to operate, smaller reflectors sometimes don’t reflect quite enough light. If only there were an easier way!

The fine folks at PetaPixel have found a solution so simple it’ll make you wonder why you didn’t think of it. Simply cut a lens-sized hole in the center of your disc reflector and poke your lens through it. That’s it. The only downside is that you’ll look a little ridiculous to an uninformed passerby.


The results are not perfect for every portrait style, but they do yield a dreamy front-lit shadowless facial profile that won’t require any added effort on your part to operate the reflector. Best of all, if you decide you want to use your reflector more traditionally, the small hole you cut won’t be a factor for your reflector operator to work around.

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