Polaroid continues brand reinvigoration

Polaroid used to be known as the premier instant camera. The word, “Polaroid” was synonymous with instant photography not long ago.

Last year, Polaroid began to reestablish its stake in the photography industry with the introduction of the Polaroid Cube, aimed at sharing the action camera stage with GoPro.


Yesterday, Polaroid added another product to their product line, the Polaroid Brightsaber. It’s a simple, small, convenient light bar that Polaroid is aiming at prosumers. The light is small enough to fit in any camera bag and can easily be used outdoors to fill shadows on your subject or indoors as your primary light.

The release is part of Polaroid’s push back to being a household (or “studio”) name. Whether or not the product will be successful is too soon to tell, though if you are a starting photographer that can’t afford a several-thousand-dollar studio lighting kit, this $162.29 tool might be a worthwhile investment.

Source: PhotographyBLOG

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