Google’s free Nik filter set (with tutorial)

A few weeks ago, Google announced that it would would be giving away its Nik photo editing suite free of charge. The suite, which originally cost hundreds of dollars, is a series of plugins for the Adobe Creative Suite, which also cost hundreds of dollars at one time (now is available for a fraction of the cost).

Google purchased the Nik brand a while back and almost immediately offered a discount to make the suite more affordable. However, after time, Google stopped supporting the suite altogether and as of a few weeks ago, decided to give it away for free.

Nik is separated into more specific pluginsĀ like the sharpening tool used for this image.

While it’s no longer supported, it still works flawlessly with the newest version of Adobe CC and is just as powerful as ever. The only shortcoming that I can find is that the plugin isn’t updated for the higher pixel density “Retina” display on newer Apple computers, which is a simple annoyance to get over.

Nik also contains a host of film overlays and filters that can be applied to give your photo a muted or vintage tone.

The fine folks at Phlearn shared a 15 minute video that quite thoroughly explains how you can get started using the Nik suite in no time. The suite offers a priceless (literally) first step for photographers that are just diving into post production or the Adobe Creative Suite and will allow them to create one-of-a-kind edits with minimal effort of experience.

Source: Phlearn


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