Photographer Spotlight: Trevor Mahlmann

Photography jobs come in many shapes and sizes and call for a broad spectrum of different equipment. What tools you use greatly depend on the type of photography you plan on doing. Some photographers like to do it all, so their most essential piece of hardware is a big camera bag full of everything they could possibly need.

For Trevor Mahlmann, his most essential camera is his iPhone. Mahlmann is a Social Media Marketing Intern for Purdue University. He is among a team of professionals that run the plethora of social media accounts for the University. I followed him around today while he documented the newly-activated Engineering Fountain and it was astonishing to see him work.

In an age where cameras have become a bit of a taboo and where internet celebrity attracts huge attention in the real world, Trevor did his job with the suaveness of a secret agent. Purdue’s Instagram account has over 30,000 followers, over three quarters of the student population. Their Facebook page has well over 4 times that amount of likes. Yet Trevor was able to take the photos he planned on sharing without anyone giving so much as an interested glance.

“The coolest part about being an intern,” Mahlmann revealed to me in an interview, “is interacting with everyone on campus somewhat anonymously.” The 30,000 strong that view the University’s Instagram posts don’t put much thought into the humans behind it, which is in many ways the sign of a successful brand. “The most challenging part is how much you have to think about being professional… especially [when representing] a high class institution like Purdue.” Mahlmann has to put every effort into speaking like the students expect the University—an otherwise inanimate entity—to speak while still keeping things interesting and entertaining.

For more of Trevor’s work, you can check out @lifeatpurdue or @tmahlmann on Instagram.

April Fools in the photo world

It’s April 1st, like the holiday or not it never ceases to draw hilarious product introductions and news from various different companies, especially those in the tech world. Here are a few of the best pranks from the photography world.

Adobe introduced a new Lightroom editing feature that will help you turn all of your photos into Ansel Adams masterpieces.

Jeffrey Luhn shared his newest $50 lens filter to help you remove unwanted facial hair from your subjects.

Finally, LumoPro introduced Light Stand Leg Warmers to make sure you light stand stays comfortable during those frosty nighttime shoots.


Despite all of these jokes, one thing is for certain. Adobe needs to invest serious time and energy into that Ansel Adams feature. My photos could certainly use the help! If you have any more pranks that you found online today, I’d love to hear about them in the comment section below.


Fujifilm X100T’s impressive hybrid viewfinder

One of my favorite features of my Fujifilm X100T is its hybrid viewfinder. A flick of your finger and a kachunk from the camera and you can transform your X100T from a rangefinder-style analog camera to a digital mirrorless camera that’s on par with the other leaders in the industry.

Pulling the front switch to the right gives you a digital display, while pushing it to the left pops up a little ND filter in the corner of the viewfinder and a tiny display that will show you what’s currently in your focus area. This picture-in-picture tool lets you focus manually while being sure everything you care to capture is perfectly sharp.

I made this video to demonstrate the modes available.