The history of photography

The photography gurus over at COOPH (the Cooperative of Photography) have just published a video that illustrates the rich history of cameras and photography as a whole. You’ll remember from my first post that I mentioned that the Camera Obscura dates back to Mozi in ancient China, but the vast amount of iterations the camera has gone through in that time is really hit home when it’s told in chronological order.

Perhaps most interesting was the mention of cell phone cameras toward the end of the video. I was talking to my boss last week about how powerful these cameras in our pockets are today and many people take it for granted. My boss’ first professional camera had 4 megapixels, my first had 12 megapixels. Today most cell phones ship with either an 8 or 16 megapixel sensor and take photos in an instant. Compare these to the early cameras in the video that took hours to expose!